I’m extending the 100 characters thing till the end of the year shhh

9. Maddie

Her full name is Madison, but she prefers being calling by the nickname Maddie. For the sake of making a reference I created a clothing set for her, but tbh I think she looks better without. I really like drawing harpies…

There isn’t much to say about her - she’s married to Aster whom I’m working on his reference, and they have a son named Oliver or Oli.

8. Mishka

Misha or Миша is a russian name that is more than often a dimunitive of the boy’s name Михаил or Mihail. However in other languages Misha is used as a feminine name spelt as Mischa. I sort of combined the two concepts to create the more phonically pronounced name that I wanted.

I’m still debating on the spots on her wings on the final reference, as pale as they because her wings are supposed to be swan wings.

She’s still a very much in between character, but for now I’ll post her here. I might come back to her later after the challenge and work out some kinks.

7. Hanako

Hanako is a Japanese name that can mean ‘flower girl’.

The headband or Hachimaki are a Japanese tradition. The one she has one just says ‘Japan’ because I actually know those Kanji and was more comfortable using it than the other ones.

www.jun-gifts.com/specialcolle… There is more examples and explanations of them here.

I tried to make the lineart a little thicker to represent Japanese style painting.

The Shiba Inu is a popular Japanese dog breed, one which I’ve wanted since I was really small!! I’m not really picky with dogs, I love all of them but if I had the choice of getting one purebred in my life it’d be a Shiba Inu.

6. Robyn

Originally when I wanted to start a summer project it was between doing the 100 characters or doing a mini comic based on Little Red Riding Hood. With my past of bailing on comics in the past, I decided it was best I don’t… However that doesn’t mean I don’t plan on drawing the characters or giving up the idea completely! That’s where Robyn comes - she’d be the main antagonist of the storyline. Maybe some of her other companions will show up with time…

5. Hammie

Sparkle Sparkle~! This is actually the begin of new art work - the previous character references i’ve posted have been done this summer. I’ve always meant to make a unicorn character and now I finally got around to it! I really need to work on my equine anatomy, but for now the reference has a more chibi MLP style to it. Hammie is actually a named after Alexander Hamilton. Who is one my favorite historical figures - who also happened to draw a unicorn on his powder horn.

4. Phlox

I want a weimaraner so bad. Phlox is actually the pet of my main character that I did for JulNoWriMo (they might be showing up later) - I actually got so fond of him that I made a reference sheet and started to draw him! The second bath photo is actually a reference to the story where him and the other doggies had an incident with a skunk - opps! He really wasn’t that fond of baths to begin with!

3. Ida

Ida is actually my girlfriend’s character that I helped make! Isn’t she a cutie? Ida is a sloth bear, which are flipping adorable if you don’t already know - look ‘em up!

2. Lotus

Lotus is my adorable little baby. I really like the concept of leaf dragons - they’re really fun to draw. I tried something similar with flowers but they didn’t turn out as well as Lotus did. I made Lotus’ blood chlorophyll  since it is a leaf dragon - get it? Ahah. I need some more dragon characters - but that should be solved by the end of this summer!

1. Kira Volkova

Of course I’m doing everything from scratch - I’ve rounded up every character that I could find (some stuff up to several years ago) and I’m going through and revamping ones I want to keep! However Kira is always one character that I’ll always keep with me! She turned 5 years old last may! :)